Feeling hazardous...? The Hazard 2012 call for proposals is now open...

Proposals are now invited for Hazard 2012

Deadline 6pm Friday 31 May 2012:

Hazard 2012 – Saturday 21 July 2012 – Manchester City Centre
Presented by Word of Warning, produced by hÅb and Larkin’ About in collaboration with the participating artists, a greenroom legacy project.

A micro-festival of incidental intervention and sited performance, with a hint of mischief!  Chance encounters and random occurrences… cheeky, thought-provoking and sometimes raunchy sprees of eccentricity…

In a 2012 Britain, seemingly obsessed with the notion of games and playing, Manchester’s unique micro-festival of all things bizarre and mischievous returns for its fourth outing and is inviting you to come and play with the city… and to see if it will play along with you..!

So far we’ve wrapped Cathedral Gardens in fluttering hazard tape, given the image of banking a makeover, circumnavigated the city by canoe and created a wheelchair moonlanding… Look out for a flash of yellow and black to see what 2012 will bring…!

To date Hazard has produced three micro-festivals of sited performance and intervention - over 60 artists have taken to the streets of Manchester including: Action Hero, Alex Bradley, Angel Club North, Richard DeDomenici, Eggs Collective, Jordan McKenzie, Michael Pinchbeck, Mkultra, Shahram Entekhabi and the vacuum cleaner.

For a glimpse of previous city onslaughts see the quick links to the right of this window.

In 2012 we are seeking to do it all again, once more incorporating an outbreak of pervasive gaming courtesy of Larkin' About.

We are also looking for generous people to help support the project – so if you can spare a fiver (or more!) please click here.


This year we are using St. Ann’s Square as our focal hub, with projects happening in, or radiating out from there.
We are now looking for proposals of work for a daytime event(12-5pm) in Manchester City Centre:

  • work that intervenes in public spaces in the city centre,
  • work that is socially engaged, and/or conceptually motivated,
  • work that is low or no-tech and self-sufficient
  • we will give bonus points for creative engagement with the idea of hazard - chance, danger, risk, and/or use of yellow and black tape!
  • In addition to the general call for proposals of work, there are also a number of specific opportunities:
  • One small commission/budget for a ‘launch’ event embodying the notion of Hazard and that focuses on and draws attention to the event.
  • Ideas for flashmobs or mass gaming interventions.

Hazard will be programmed by Tamsin Drury of hÅb, with gaming projects programmed with the Larkin’ About team. We will select from proposals from this call and other research, to put together the best possible programme of work for the event. There are no fixed criteria aside from the guidelines above and the feasibility/legality of the ideas for realisation in the public domain.

Honorarium/expenses (£2-300 per piece) available. To be negotiated on an individual basis. Please include outline budget with your proposal. For projects needing significantly more money, please contact hazard@habarts.org to talk it through first.

To apply
Please complete the proposal form (and the monitoring form too if you can bear it!)

A couple of people seem to be having problems with the links so the direct ones are: 

Proposal form:  http://lanb.it/mLFB

Monitoring form: http://lanb.it/Dg3n

It would be great if you could send us a link to video of your work – either things you’ve done in the past – or a mock-up or pitch of what you’re planning!

Deadline 6pm Friday 31 May 2012.

The small print:
•    pieces must be the artist's own, original work 
•    the artist must hold copyright/ownership of the piece and materials included 
•    artists must conform with statutory and local authority rules concerning health and safety, obscenity and defamation and any other licensing conditions imposed.
•    Equal Opportunities will be employed in the selection and programming of this platform.

To apply:
This year we are piloting a new online proposal form.  We would appreciate it if everyone could use it, but if you have significant difficulties, contact hazard@habarts.org for a .doc version.

1.    Fill-in and submit the proposal* (http://lanb.it/mLFB) & monitoring forms* (http://lanb.it/Dg3n)
2.    Send photos and supporting material by email to hazard@habarts.org or by post to hÅb, c/o Zion Arts Centre, 335 Stretford Road, Manchester, M15 5ZA

3. If you have some video for us – either put your own YouTube/Vimeo etc link into the form and/or upload to www.youtube.com/hazardmcr (log-in hazardmcr@gmail.com, password: randomsprees)

Closing Deadline 6pm Friday 31 May 2012

*nb: The forms must be completed at one sitting (you can't save and return later) so please copy and paste the longer elements from another document.