Are you feeling lucky? Come and play the Dating Game!

For a short time only, this one-on-one performance offers you the chance to have a date in the middle of Manchester! Disguise your identity and receive instructions to give you the best chance possible. Remember, you want to show yourself off in the best light! 

So be positive, individual, exciting and, if you wish, a little cheeky!

Come out and play!

Larkin' About in Manchester Arndale's Hallé Square
a micro-festival within a micro-festival
HAZARD MMX 17 July, 12-5pm

Pervasive gaming is a growing global phenomenon as people find increasingly interesting ways to reinterpret their familiar city landscapes as playgrounds.  Fun, adventure and self-expression in a seemingly mundane setting: join-in, dress-up, go-out and make your game what you want it to be.

Larkin' About                                Greetings                                                          12-5pm (ongoing)
Start point Hallé Square, self-guided.
Pick up a postcard and write to a lucky friend, telling them of the fine and wonderful, bizarre and ludicrous sightings you have witnessed at Hazard MMX.


Holly Gramazio                          Bees!                                                              12pm (40 minutes)
Start point Hallé Square.
A treasure hunt with a difference - three teams of bees hunt for pollen, armed only with kazoos and bouncy head boppers. 

Larkin' About                                   The Forest Front of Mancunia                           1.30pm (90 minutes)
Start and end point Hallé Square,  self-guided.
Join the hunt around some of Manchester's finest parks and green spaces to find a lost and confused animal. 
Supported by Red Rose Forest.

Present Attempt         Walking (s)Miles                                                        3pm (90 minutes)
Start point Hallé Square, self-guided.
Choose a simple route.  Bring a mobile phone.  Try to collect as many strangers' smiles as you can.



Hannah Nicklin   
The Smell of Rain Reminds Me of You             5.00pm (10 minutes)
Piccadilly Gardens
A 10 minute flashmob, an unrehearsed performance, 100 people, listening to the rain. 
To find out more, and to take part, go to

What do bollards and bees have in common?!

Hannah Wiles : Beeline Oldham Street Homogenous, ominous and controlling, the BXPU1539 Manchester PU guards our streets: a black sentinel on every corner, a pillar of our uniform city experience.
Beeline is a playful investigation into this urban phenomenon, drawing attention to the ubiquitous black bollard and re-dressing it in keeping with the City's emblem.

A zebra crossing on Market Street?!!

Of all the many veins and arteries that pump the lifeblood of workers, shoppers and charmingly Mancunian oddities, none is bigger nor more clogged than Market Street. Though pedestrianised and car free, those who travel its bustling breadth and length are far from safe when they try to navigate it. For Hazard, Andy & Gaz & Jon will be donning the garb of the heroes of highway crossing: the Red Man, the Green Man and the Zebra coming to the aid of those having difficulty negotiating the hazard of Manchester's shopaholics on a Saturday afternoon.

Saturday 17 July 12-5pm


A 10 minute flashmob, an unrehearsed performance, 100 people, listening to the rain.

The Smell of Rain Reminds Me of You is happening (rain or shine) at 5PM on Saturday 17th of July, at Piccadilly Gardens, in Manchester.

To take part, visit this site 24 hours prior to the event to download an MP3 and instructions. You will need an mp3 player to take with you on the day.

In the meantime, pass it on.

HAZARD MMX: 17 July 2010, 12-5pm
Manchester city centre


Labelled, categorised, stereotyped and mainstreamed, two bar-coded researchers ask how you feel about your identity in consumer culture.

The Muffia @ HAZARD MMX
17July Manchester city centre, 12-5pm free.


Clare Charnley                        Splat                                                                                 

In the city there are many high, unconfined places we can see but not get to - a ledge, a wall, a cornice, the rim of a roof - dangerous places. In Splat a series of round yellow markers are placed high among Manchester’s urban architecture and civic engineering. The process of doing this provides a feet-on-the-ground opportunity to collectively imagine being where we daren’t go.

HAZARD MMX: 17 July 2010, 12-5pm
Manchester city centre - King Street