And Counting...

And Counting... creates a parallel reality in which six disabled artists land on the moon in Manchester. Reproducing the conversation between Mission Command and the Apollo 11 Landing Module during its descent to the Moon in 1969. And Counting... raises questions about what is an accessible environment, the relationship between the body and technology, and the pull of gravity.

The six performers listen to a specially recorded score combining the dialogue between the astronauts with sounds from deep space objects. As the performers hear this live over their earpieces they reproduce it as best they can both replaying and rewriting history. The route that each of the performers takes is the same pattern as the Apollo astronauts took on the moon’s surface during one of the six lunar landin

Each performer hears different fragments of the original conversation and in the final minutes of the piece they come together and try to fit each of the pieces of this aural jigsaw together and successfully land on the moon.

Performers: Kevin Donellon, Dawn Foster, Martin Geddes, Jimmy O'Brian, Mandy McKeown, Chantelle Rea-Bradley. Due to illness  Jimmy O'Brian was unable to perform so Chris Fitzsimmons stepped in.

Thanks to: Hazard team, Dada, Fullcircle Arts, Rules & Regs and The Bluecoat



Make sure you don't miss…

NEWSFLASH:  Please note Vickie Fear: Oh Hell has now moved to Royal Exchange Theatre, St Ann's Square - ask steward for exact location.

HAZARD takes to the streets of Manchester this Saturday in a yellow and black flurry of random occurrences.
For anyone planning to be in town, please read on for a bit of a guide of what not to miss and tips on finding your way through the event.

Peader Kirk - Mkultra and a group of artists who use wheelchairs recreating the Apollo 11 moonlanding in St Ann's Square at 1pm + 3pm (30mins).
Alex Bradley recreating every demo he's ever been on, in the Peace Gardens, St Peter's Square - 12-5pm
Jordan McKenzie giving the image of banking a make-over at 100 King St 1-4pm
The March of the 100 Dorothys now wending its way right from greenroom, through Albert Square, St Ann's Square, Manchester Arndale, Piccadilly Gardens and on to its jubilant end in Canal Street 2-4pm approx.
nb - Scratch 'n Sniff presents My Beautiful Laundrette is now almost sold out!

For those of you a bit bemused, here's a possible route suggestion:

Start at St Peter's Square for Alex Bradley's one man demonstration then up Moseley St to Piccadilly Gardens for a somewhat scaled down version of Hens' Teeth's synchronised swimming in the now fountain-less Piccadilly Gardens!  (til 2pm)

 Check out Hannah Wiles's bollards at the bottom of Oldham St
Head down Market Street to Manchester Arndale and get helped Crossing Market Street at Tesco.
Head into Hallé Square and join in some Larkin' About games.  
Leave Manchester Arndale via Exchange Court and pick up a Freezechester free magnetic artwork.

Head on to St Ann's Square for Martin Hamblen, Natalie Preece, Rachael Nutter, Out of Hand Theater and Astrid Breel 
  - so have a blind date and get dumped in a car, post a letter to a giant post box or wait for the balloon to burst.  
Ask a steward to point you to Vickie Fear and, If it's around 1pm or 3pm then stick around for And Counting...

Wander up King Street to see Clare Charnley's Splat! (12-5pm) and Jordan McKenzie (1-4pm)

Between 2.30 and 3.15 the March of the Dorothys should pass you somewhere in town.... Albert Square around 2.30, St Ann's Square around 2.45 or Exchange Court in Manchester Arndale around 3pm.
Or follow them back to St Ann's Square to catch the second performance of And Counting... at 3pm.

Generally keep your eyes open for James Topple's yellow and black phones cropping up randomly,  Noise Club's sonic performers, The Muffia's bar-coded researchers and Fin de Siecle signing the way to Public Facilities.

Finally, don't forget, at 5pm, to join the flashmob in Piccadilly Gardens  for The smell of rain reminds me of you (download an mp3 from

Hope to see you somewhere in town!

Saturday 17 July 
12-5 pm
Manchester City Centre

HAZARD MMX programme now online

Following, full programme for HAZARD MMX. To download please go to YELLOW link at BOTTOM of document. Paper copies available from greenroom from Tuesday onwards and from stewards and info point in Manchester Arndale Hallé Square on the day itself.

Please note that things may change! Keep checking back here for latest updates!

NB - to download, click the YELLOW link BELOW the document!


Houston…copy Houston… bleep, bleep, drone…..

Peader Kirk - Mkultra And Counting... 1pm + 3pm St Ann's Square

A re-enactment of the Apollo 11 lunar landing: this afternoon, in a long descent into the unknown, six wheelchair users touch down on the moon in Manchester.

“And Counting…” is performed by six disabled artists, listening to fragments of the events of Apollo 11 on MP3 players and desperately trying to get those fragments to fit together as the countdown begins. Please feel free to move from performer to performer during the piece.

Giving the image of banking a make-over - shaving foam and aftershave included!

Jordan McKenzie Monsieur Finds Himself Up Queer Street 1-3pm 100 King St Monsieur Poo-Pourri has found himself up Queer Street, desperate to regain good credit in order to avoid debtors prison, public shame and scandal. However, upon arriving at the bank, to his great surprise and discomfort he finds the banks, too, have no money and, furthermore, through their own mismanagement have caused a rather curious phenomenon called ‘the credit crunch’. Maybe they too, just like him, need to smarten up their image and re-dress themselves. Monsieur Poo-Pourri (being a gentleman of style) offers his assistance.