Hens’ Teeth Theatre: 741 days HAZARD MMX: 17 July 2010
Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

The London 2012 Olympic Synchronised swimming team are recruiting in Piccadilly gardens. Be prepared for some soggy athletic magic!

"One man, a forest of placards and the roar of the crowd... "

Alex Bradley:  All the demos I’ve ever been on II.
‘A demonstration of memory’ Manchester 1988-1999

HAZARD MMX: 17 July 2010
Peace Gardens, St. Peter's Square, Manchester


On the day the ambulance workers called for all workers to strike at noon in Manchester, I was outside the Town Hall as usual with me placard and me handful of papers and, as the first bell of twelve struck, they came teeming out of the building; more and more and more of them. Magical, like a muscle flexing at its newfoundness, I’ll always remember that.

This is the second development of a work which researches the nature of demonstration and how the form is personally shifting. This time the content will be driven by the memory of Manchester protestors. This work was initiated at the Anti festival, Finland 2009. For Hazard we have sound, placards AND buckets.

Get on your ruby slippers and come join the March of 100 Dorothys.

Calling Eggettes Old and New!

Thought for the day: What’s your inner Dorothy?.....

On the 17th of July, March of 100 Dorothys will invite the members of the public to join Eggs Collective on a march through Manchester in the guise of the Judy Garland’s iconic Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. From the Emerald City to Canal Street, we will weave down our own yellow brick road, where there will be performance elements and interactions with each other and the viewing public along the way (we intend on the Eggs leading a call and response e.g. recalling lines from the original film or singing songs from the Wiz). To prepare for this we foresee holding one session on the Thursday prior to the march (exact arrangement and time TBC soon) to rehearse this.

A further crucial and, we hope, exciting element is that we would like to ask you to locate your own personal inner Dorothy (or perhaps just the Dorothy you’d have most fun playing) and incorporate it into your attire and join the parade performance… Disco Dorothy, Cowboy Dorothy, Don’t Give a Damm Dorothy! My friend has decided to be a vampire, complete with fake fangs and blood Dorothy (an idea I am a bit jealous of!)

So, if you fancy yourself as a Dorothy and would like to join us on a day that we hope will be great fun, please email Eggs Collective at eggs_collective@hotmail.com so that we can keep you updated with further details.

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‘Odorama’ comes to My Beautiful Laundrette…

Hazard MMX is excited to be kicking off with this truly fragrant event:

Scratch ‘n Sniff Cinema presents  My Beautiful Laundrette
Friday 16th July at 7pm plus  Q+A with Gordon Warnecke
Saturday 17th July at 2pm 
HUB M3 Gallery CHAPEL STREET M3 5FS (opposite The People’s History Museum, 5 minutes walk from Deansgate)
Pairing mystery scents with environmental and screen-led stimuli, the former movie gimmick that is ‘Odorama’ makes a return, to provide new focus for classic films in this immersive pop-up cinema. Hub Gallery will be transformed into TUB, a temporary laundrette incorporating specially commissioned graphics, live performance, complementary bubbles and a rare Q&A with actor Gordon Warnecke as we recreate the Bisto-whiff of the heady 1980s for two screenings only!

Ticket registration (free) for Scratch 'n Sniff is now live: http://scratchnsnifflaundrette.eventbrite.com/

Coming soon HAZARD MMX 17 July 2010 Manchester City Centre.

In this, the first of our daily updates between now and Hazard MMX, we can reveal that, hopefully, the final i's are being dotted and the t's crossed on all our permissions and siting issues, and that we will be revealing the full programme shortly.

In the meantime, as a bit of a tease, here's the list of artists participating:
Alex Bradley, Andy & Gaz & Jon, Astrid Breel, Clare Charnley, Doldrum Theatre, Eggs Collective, Fin de Siecle, Hannah Wiles, Hen's Teeth Theatre, James Topple, Jordan McKenzie, Martin Hamblen, Natalie Preece, Noise Club, Freezechester, Out Of Hand Theater, Peader Kirk, Rachael Nutter, Scratch ‘n Sniff Cinema, The Muffia, Vickie Fear

Keep checking back here or follow us on twitter @hazardmcr!

HAZARD MMX 17 July 2010 - Call for proposals.

Proposals are now invited for Hazard MMX

Deadline 6pm Friday 21 May 2010:

Hazard MMX – Saturday 17 July 2010 – Manchester City Centre

produced by hÅb and greenroom in collaboration with the participating artists.

A micro-festival of incidental intervention and sited performance, with a hint of mischief!  Chance encounters and random occurrences… cheeky, thought-provoking and sometimes raunchy sprees of eccentricity… 

Manchester’s unique micro-festival of all things bizarre and playful returns for its third outing. So far we’ve wrapped Cathedral Gardens in fluttering hazard tape, brought shop dummies to life, circumnavigated the city by canoe and unleashed giant dancing traffic cones… Look out for a flash of yellow and black to see what 2010 will bring…!

To date Hazard has produced two micro-festivals of sited performance and intervention - over 40 artists have taken to the streets of Manchester including:Action Hero, Accidental Collective, Angel Club North, Caution Horses, Richard DeDomenici, Doldrum Theatre, The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent in the Home, Michael Pinchbeck, Shahram Entekhabi and the vacuum cleaner.

For a glimpse of Hazard 07 + 08 see below or follow us @hazardmcr

In 2010 we are seeking to do it again – this time incorporating an outbreak of pervasive gaming courtesy of Larkin' About.

We are now looking for proposals of work for a daytime event (12-5pm) in Manchester City Centre:
  • work that intervenes in public spaces in the city centre,
  • work that is socially engaged, and/or conceptually motivated,
  • work that is low or no-tech and self-sufficient
  • we will give bonus points for creative engagement with the idea of hazard - chance, danger, risk, and/or use of yellow and black tape! 

In addition to the general call for proposals of work, there are also a number of specific opportunities: 

  • One small commission/budget for a ‘launch’ event embodying the notion of Hazard and that focuses on and draws attention to the event.
  • Ideas for flashmobs or mass gaming interventions. 
  • Public Screens - this year we would like explore use of the BBC Big Screen on Exchange Square – for a series of short pieces, pre-recorded on mini-dv. This is not a call for high-tech video productions but to think creatively about the performative use of screens - either as a stand-alone or in conjunction with a live intervention. (nb - we will consider use of live camera but this may not be possible with the existing screen technology) 

Hazard will be programmed by Tamsin Drury of hÅb and Garfield Allen of greenroom. We will select from proposals from this call and other research, to put together the best possible programme of work for the event. There are no fixed criteria aside from the guidelines above and the feasibility/legality of the ideas for realisation in the public domain.

Honorarium/expenses (£2-300 per piece) available. To be negotiated on an individual basis. Please include outline budget with your proposal.

To submit an idea please download a form below and return to: hazard@habarts.org
Deadline 6pm Friday 21 May 2010.


Chance encounters and  random occurrences around and about the city centre.

Cheeky, thought-provoking and sometimes raunchy sprees of eccentricity.

Manchester’s unique micro-festival of all things bizarre and playful returns for its third mischievous outing - all tied-up with a big yellow and black bow. So far we’ve wrapped Cathedral Gardens in fluttering hazard tape, brought shop dummies to life on Market Street, circumnavigated the city by canoe and unleashed giant dancing traffic cones…

Look out for a flash of yellow and black to see what 2010 will bring…!

This year you, too, can join in via an outbreak of grown-up gaming courtesy of Larkin’ About – so for more info or to join the games email us here.

Produced by greenroom and hÅb.